Hacktoberfest'19 Guwahati

Oct 1st - Oct 31st 2019

  1. Instructions - Github Repository
  2. Learning Resources
  3. Join WhatsApp Group 💬
  4. WhatsApp Group Initial Greeting
  5. Code of Conduct
  6. Chat log

What is this?

Welcome to Hacktoberfest Guwahati, students and professionals of all levels are welcome! This is a month long celebration of OpenSource in the form of a challenge called Hacktoberfest. You're supposed to make 4 PRs to a GitHub repository anytime between Oct 1 and Oct 31 to complete the challenge.
Don't know what Opensource, PR, Repository, GitHub, mean? perfect! That means you're going to lean a lot! The way this will work for you is simple:

We'll be helping and mentoring you throughout the month to get started in OpenSource. This is all about encouraging meaningful contributions to the open source ecosystem — for beginners and veterans alike.

How can I participate?

If you feel like the WhatsApp group is not sufficient to help you get started, make sure to join us in the offline events.

What does it cost?

It's completely free.

Who is doing this?

We're just a bunch of monkeys 🐒 who happen to be open source enthusiasts as well :)